The Wedding Spotlight / ISSUE 13 (HAWAII SUMMER 2015)


Hot Hawaiian Weddings

Hot Hawaiian Weddings

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Christiaan Phleger, Owner

What other referrals say about me?
Being part of the Hot Hawaiian Weddings TV show was a Blast! The crew members were so friendly and unobtrusive and we are so excited to be featured on this great show! The Hawaii wedding industry needs a show like this to capture the magic of weddings in Hawaii. The world of television needs a show that captures the essence of what weddings are really about.

How many weddings did you do last year?

Why should a bride or vendor work with you?
If a couple are naturally outgoing and would like to take advantage of amazing videography coverage they should consider "Hot Hawaiian Weddings" as a way to capture the magic of their special day. We have over 14 years of experience capturing weddings and have developed a unique talent to capture the magic of key moments in a natural and unobtrusive way. We will make the whole event even more fun and fabulous by being there to capture the magic

Special Insider Talent:
I have been a wedding photographer in Hawaii for 14 years and I'm now taking those experiences and skills in a new direction with the creation of a tv show called "Hot Hawaiian Weddings". The show will air prime time on KFVE in January 2014 and will be available online at

The show is inspirational and uplifting to showcase the best of what Hawaii Weddings have to offer featuring music by the exceptionally talented Makana among other great artists. Special features include a special focus on the wedding photographer, Hawaii Adventure, and Hawaii Cultural Moment to share some of the treasures of the island's rich cultural heritage.

Couples and vendors are welcome to contact me directly for more information if they are interested in being featured on the show or if they would like more information. We are always looking for awesome new weddings to include in the show! The show is also a fantastic new way for vendors to promote their services and we reward all wedding referrals with a special feature on the show.

Hot Hawaiian Weddings